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Business Development:

Business Development

Business development comprises a number of tasks and processes generally aiming at developing and implementing growth opportunities between multiple organizations.

We act as a co-originator, strategist and stimulator to this process. We ensure that common objectives are established and strategically met by establishing committees within both parties and manage. We facilitate the processes between the two parties to reach and exceed their desired objectives. Business development focuses on the creation of long-term value for both organizations.

Deal Origination:

Deal Origination

Deal origination is the first step towards creating a deal that will be securitized, marketed, syndicated, and executed.

We connect and initialize Deal Origination processes between Corporates, Government, Agencies, Embassies and SMME’s. We specialize in the creation and development of relationships between parties and stimulate large quantity of deal flow.

Strategic Partnerships:

strategic partnership

We form strategic partnerships with companies by identifying objectives and implementing strategies. We create a mutually beneficial partnership where rewards and risk are split equally.

Network Building:


We have an extensive global network of top level individuals and organizations from around the globe. Our network allows us to achieve great things on behalf of our clients and strategic partners. The process of networking and constantly refining our network and communications channels are vital processes which we have refined to stay connected to the global stage.

Public Speaking:


Alex is often invited to speak at conferences, seminars, executive events and functions across the globe. He has represented the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry on a number of panels and is always happy to assist in acting a program director for corporate events.

The South African Business Development Institute:


—Alex is the President of SABDI where the core focus is to leverage insiders who work in the current process and bring knowledge, experience, and credibility to the team. —SABDI also introduces outsiders who offer the creativity that flows from a fresh, objective perspective.

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Organisational Structure:

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